Preparing Christmas Gifts Idea with Apparel Candy

Monday, November 07, 2016

Woahh, it's November already! Who's excited? For me, it's a little bit scary, because it means only a month away 'til Christmas and then bammm! New Year. I mean, OMG, a month to prepare whole bunch of Christmas gifts, and less than two months to set up any new year's resolution or maybe a bit party (in my case, night out with friends, eating good food and set a good movie for sleepover. LOL). More than that, I'm overly excited because it also means sale everywhere! Yaaaiiiiy! Black Friday, Christmas sale, End of Year sale, and New Year sale, those are few sales that across my mind right now.

But first thing first, do you guys already prepare your Christmas gifts? Aside from the traditional, easy to find and I'm good search at, clothing section, I'm thinking about adding some more personal pieces. Like small piece of jewelry will works for the elder women, a whole set of manual developing bike for younger brother, or maybe some set of wholesale fragrances for older brother or sister. I bet all the personal taste of gifts will do wonder. As the main easy to find gift, I still lay on my personal choice of clothing through online. It's faster, easy, and save so much time and energy during the sale season. Plus online sites give discount prices if you buy a bunch! Well who doesn't love multiple sales anyway? And for this time, I feel super lucky to get to know Apparel Candy, a wholesale clothing company which offers interesting and unique design in their pieces, from various ages, trends, cuttings, and colors. Just look at my personal choices below, and let me know what you think! What's more? They provide various discounts right now, so you better take a look. And you're welcome :D

Just look at these yummy colors clothes!

Man fragrances collection as good as women fragrances!

They have on going sale right now, you better check them out!

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  1. Great ideas, thanks for sharing:)
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  3. These appeals are amazing. Love your post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looking gorgeous in this beautiful dress, I love your fashion style specially in yellow its my favorite color. It is best for gifting someone special. Find the latest Wholesale clothing online at affordable price on MyBelovedusa.


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