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Friday, November 11, 2016

Just right after I was done doing these shoots, I looked at the results and my brain spontaneously thought "damn, I'm so skinny and so not fresh looking". Truth is, I don't do diet or so. I've been real sick in the past few days, but I didn't realize how skinny the viruses got me into until I saw these photos. I believe this started after I ate the unhygienic food. Hahahaaa kinda my fault, but hey I was starving back then. Not gonna lie tho, after I got sick I wasn't able to eat nor feel anything. All I want was just lie down and sleep until I got better. But well, I already past that phase; I'm still on my recovery, but my body is already much better because I can eat some now. Yaaiiiy! Small progress is still a progress, so hopefully I can be weighted some pounds in the next days *finger crossed* And I promise to take care of any food that I'm going to consume.

Side aside, the top I worn in this outfit is actually a black dress, and I felt like sewing. HAHAA. I do the cuts and all, and taraaaaa a brand new top with see through sensation. LOL. A smart way to create new look without breaking the bank, huh ;)


DIY top - Something Borrowed
hat - Forever 21
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

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