Feeling Blue

Friday, November 03, 2017

Crawled back from my nest just to update this very blog. Being inactive for the past few months made me realize, that somehow I kinda lost my sense of writing. Maybe it started right before my wedding preparation which as all of you know, of course took a lot of energy into it. As it ended, looking for the way back is way harder than I thought. Laziness attacked, I guess. I had a lot of concept to write my wedding blog post, but somehow, I never finish it; and I ended up writing nothing. I can't even sort of the photos which is many. It's suck, I know. It supposed to be a happy blog post, so I chose not to publish it until I'm 100% ready. I just don't want to ruin the memory lane. So in order to dig my ability, I post non sense, just to wake my writing sense up. Wish me luck *finger crossed*
And this post is one of many "non sense" post. LOL. One fine day, before I chopped off my hair. Not that I miss my long hair. Truth is I barely miss my long hair. I enjoy short hair very much! But when I had long hair, I always miss and wonder to get my hair short anytime soon. Does anyone feel the same way? I still have one throwback post after this, so no short hair appearance yet. XD

On another topic, I kinda miss Jeffrey Campbell shoes. It's pretty hard to find their cool shoes anywhere lately, especially in my country where there is no official store *sigh* and with the closed of Solestruck *uber cry* and bankruptcy of Nasty Gal, it makes everything difficult *double sigh*. Those two are my most favorite shoe shop, so sad that they have to end like this. Especially Solestruck, I still don't get it how come the incredible store like Solestruck should closed. Solestruck is the best, and I'm still wishing they will be back, near soon hopefully.


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