City Park

Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's such a rare opportunity to be able to enjoy the city park like my own private park. LOL. No kiddies around means no screams, and no adults around means no one walking in front of me while I'm taking photos. So yeah, it's a privilege! And the blogger self inside me is not gonna waste that kind of privilege; taking LOTS of photos is a must! Ha! Even though I wasn't so photo ready that day, hey I'm still on recovery, what do you expect to see me in, else than oversized everything? LOL. The only thing that makes me look "giving effort" is my pair of blueish wedges, don't you think so? It gives living vibe after my pale face and not so fancy outfit.

Life is getting weirder for me lately. As I told you in my previous post, that I just got sick (even though it's better now), and still in my recovery days, BUT I do feel very productive as hell. Just now, I already have two waiting outfit post which so ready to be publish in the days ahead. It's pretty crazy because I did all the shoots when I was still in my recovery phase. And I wasn't complaining at all during the shoots. HAHAHAA. I guess by getting sick makes me realize how important time is, and I don't wanna spend them in such useless regretting ways. I'm pretty sure it isn't the drug's side effect, because I never take drugs even when I'm sick. I usually confront my sickness self with healthy foods; fruits, milks and homemade everything. So yeah, it must be myself wanna get better at anything I wanna do. (I realize it does sound narcissistic, but hey it's an optimistic! And sick people needs lots of optimist vibe! :p )


unbranded everything
wedges - UP shoes

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  1. Great hoodie:) You look beautiful:)

  2. So pretty! Great photos

  3. Cool pics! I like the sweatshirt!!!

  4. amazing photos :)
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  5. Awesome outfit! I love your shoes ***
    Great blog! I'm following you! Follow back? <3


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