Beauty Box: VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion + Revitalash Fineline Primer

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

A few weeks ago, these cute make up arrived in my parent's home address. Yes, sometimes, the only safe way to do mailing-list job is by addressing them to parent's home. In my defend, I move a lot, and have no PO BOX address, so yeah, I just need them to land safely and sound. LOL. I'm not a make up junkie, in fact, I'm so suck at it. But when cute packages arrive, well it never matters what's inside as long as not giving treat to anybody, right? I opened them up with a full surprise and excitement! Taraaaa, a Maxmini Cushion from VOV and a fineline primer from Revitalash. Do any of you guys familiar with these brands? Or have any of you tried or had experience through the brands? Please do let me know, because as long as I look at their packaging and tried a little, they're doing okay. So, I'd appreciate if anyone could share their thoughts! I'm not reviewing them yet, because I just use them few times now. But I certainly will when I already use them in a month maybe. So here is my short confession about them ;)

1. VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion
As far as I concerned, this one like a foundation in cushion package. So it will needs the cushion to apply (of course, duh!), which is great because easier to blend and apply. No more messy foundation, yaiiy! It blends naturally with my skin tone, and the skin absorbed faster and doesn't leave any oily looks to my face.

2. Revitalash Fineline Primer
The used of this primer is to fading the wrinkle away. Just by applying a little bit to your wrinkle (mostly under the eyes, smiling line, or anywhere you think you would need!), and voila it decreasing the aging line. Without any weighted feeling through my face.

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