Saturday, October 29, 2016

A quick update from hometown! Yaaaiiiy. Nothing beats the European vibes at my hometown, just look at my background! The victorian theme house is everywhere, literally. And the pavement is the best I've ever seen. No kidding. I've been living in Magelang for seventeen years, and eight years of living back and forth, it still wins my hearth. I wish I could live here forever, but sadly not today. I'm way more enjoying being back and forth, and calling it's hometown, a place where I called paradise and holiday destination, rather than staying here all years along for now. Well, don't get me wrong, I love living with my parents in this paradise, but what do you expect from princessy kinda living? I may not as tough as now if only i wasn't living on my own few years back, right?

But as for now, I just wanna enjoy my weekend gateway; hot chocolate and warm blanket sounds perfect. Of course, not to forget take the opportunity of victorian buildings look alike by taking many photos around! *can't resist my inner blogger self* LOL. Hope you guys have a nice weekend!


top - Berrybenka
pants - Coup Belle
shoes - Forever 21
beanie - ROMWE

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  1. Awesome look, I love the pants!!!

  2. Wonderful photos!! You look gorgeous in this styling, I love your pants :-)

  3. You look so classy. Love the bag! Have a great week! xx

  4. Thanks so much for the comment on my latest post
    it means so much to be and Iwanted to say THANK YOU in a more personal way.
    you are amazing.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  5. You look amazing
    Gorgeous ensemble

    Love Vikee


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