Long Gone

Friday, November 25, 2016

Another shoots in the middle of gloomy day. I might already tell this many time, but I will tell it again that I LOVE RAINY DAYS!! So yeah, I really don't mind getting wet or cold, in fact I love the weather nowadays. Even though it's getting hard to take shoot, because the sun barely shines. #BloggerProblem lol. Took a stroll with boyfie few days ago, and stopped at this ancient building in my city called Pojok Benteng Wetan (Jokteng). I've been there many times, and yet it still haven't showed up on my blog until this time. HAHAA. Well, that's a natural problem, you know, humans always seek for those which they don't have, yet rarely appreciate what they truly have. Don't you think? I always dream of taking shoots at famous destinations, but hey, there are so much that I haven't shared from my city! It's like a wake up call. I hope I can share many photos from my favorite places in the city I've been living from 8 years now *crossed my finger* Have a nice coldy day, everyone!


P.S I don't usually edit my photos, so yeah the place was quite dark while we got there. In fact, it really white and bright if you catch it in normal/sunny days.

sweater - Persunmall
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. Nice sweater and sandals:) You look amazing:)


  2. Lovely look dear! Have a great weekend! xx


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