Back To The Greens

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Hello, December! I should have posted this entry two days ago.

Being able to frequently back to the greens is a privilege if you are living in big busy city, where traffic jams come as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As a easily stressed out kind of human, I always arrange to give myself a little break; a nice dinner at fancy junk food restaurant, play some games at Timezone, do nothing at all but sleep, or go for a mini picnic work perfectly for me. And few days ago, I chose to chase the greens in the uptown, where you can't see anything but greens! Everywhere. We stopped at Jembatan Perak (Silver Bridge) to get some snaps. The last time I visited, I was the one who photographed everything, this time I came as a object. Hahaa. Nothing's change. And I wish it never was. I love escaping here; it's not that far from my place, and even though the bridge is already well known, not many people are willing to stop by. So it's a big yaiiyy for me.

Thank God, the package from Puma Indonesia arrived just in time. So I could do both relaxing my mind and doing test drive for these new babies. Meh, look at my shoes, doesn't it remind you in 90's era? I mean, look at the fresher colors! LOOK! I'm sorry I can't calm myself, because it freakishly breathtaking!!!! I love it! LOVE! L.O.V.E


polo shirt - unbranded
jeans - Berrybenka
bag - Adorable Project
shoes - Puma

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