What to Eat in Bangka Island

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Because I simply love street food. Here I am, still not moving on from my Bangka island trip. And this time, I will share my love for street foods. God knows how I love foods, so beside explored the island, I wasn't forgetting my need of good traditional foods, especially the ones I can't find in my city and the ones I never taste. For those who happen to visit Bangka island, I highly suggest you to visit street foods in my list below! I might not specify the place a lot, because I barely remember, but I do my best to describe the place. So please don't judge me, the foods distract my concentration though. LOL.

1. Kang Emon Traditional Ice Cream
There are several ice cream sellers in Pangkalpinang, but the best one is Kang Emon Ice Cream. You can find it in the square of Pangkalpinang district. With small blue-green cart, Kang Emon sells the ice cream himself. Kang Emon ice cream contains of traditional ice cream, red beans, black sticky rice (optional), slices of avocado and not to forget the pouring chocolate milk.

2. Mie Ayam Bangka
The famous chicken noodle from Bangka island. One of the best and famous seller in Bangka is Fina restaurant. They even serve martabak Bangka in various sizes and flavors. Many celebrities and famous singers have been visiting Fina restaurant. How do I know? Because they put the photos of famous people on the wall. Hahaa. I've been eating this noodle back at my city, but eat them at Bangka was definitely different experience because there are few steps on how to eat Bangka chicken noodle in proper way hanging on Fina restaurant's wall. Ha, never try this one though. LOL.

How to eat Bangka chicken noodle:

The menus: they also serve different variants of martabak *yuuuummmmmyyyy*

3. Waroeng Sate Mang Bujang
Waroeng Sate Mang Bujang is located in Koba district. I went there right after visiting Ardal beach (read the story here) They serve Bangka traditional foods like the ones I ordered that time, Es teh (iced tea), Es Kacang Merah (red beans ice), Mie Kuah Ikan (noodle fish sauce), Pantiau Kuah Ikan (pantiaw fish sauce). They all were soooooo damn good!!! And as the name of the restaurant, this place also serve satay which is very popular in here.

4. Mambo Market - Selada
Mambo market is located near my hotel in Pangkalpinang, there are so many small restaurants in Mambo market which serve similar foodies. So yeah, boyfie picked in spontaneously just by looking at the chef who luckily middle age woman in veil and so humble while interacting. We ordered healthy menu which are Selada and Es Kacang Merah (red beans ice). Selada contains of yellow noodle, small slices of cucumber, bean sprouts, some green vegetables which usually served in salad, and peanut sauce in top.

5. Mang Sarjito Fried Noodle
Located in the middle of the city, Mang Sarjito serves the best fried noodle. Say no more, their fried noodle is less oily, and the secret ingredients are just perfect for my tongue.The weird part is the noodle is not special noodle nor traditional food from Bangka. It's just regular fried noodle, but I never taste any other fried noodle like this before!

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  1. Thanks for giving an insight with what to eat in Bangka Island
    the food looks ultra delicious
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