Bangka Island Trip: Ardal Beach

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Still from my second day of Bangka Island trip; after we were tired of exploring Hutan Pelawan (you can read about it HERE), we were heading to Ardal beach afterward. Ardal beach is located in Koba town, yeah it's placed in another town from Hutan Pelawan, so it took quite time to get there. But no need to worries, because the view across the road is just worth killing the times! The first time I did while we got there was screaming out loud because the place is so quiet, the sand is so soft and not much people around. Even when it gets crowded I guess it's not a problem, because the beach is so extensive!!!!! I can even call it my private beach, ha! But too bad, we got there almost evening, and it was a bit cloudy and gloomy, so we couldn't catch the blue-ish water. But meh, I'm still in love with the beach though! ;)


P.S please bare with me (and my hat, LOL) because more beaches photos will be flooding my blog for more couple of days! ;)

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  1. Oh more holiday pictures please! These are amazing! So pretty - I also looked a the last few posts from your trip - so beautiful!
    I am back from the holiday... wanna know where I went ,)? New post is up!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )


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