Bangka Island Trip: Turun Aban + Rambak Beach

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Every story needs to be end. No matter how great it is, an ending is an absolute need. So does my Bangka island trip's stories, which the finale post is up right now. Yeah, it's gonna be a little bit emotional, because I already miss relaxing my body into the beach and the wind blows in my hair *crying* Just by strolling through these photos make me want to book another trip real soon. LOL. But no, no, real job world is in front of my face already *sigh* Meh, let's save the pity me in pocket for a while, it's the finale though :D

My last day stayed in Bangka island, we took a trip to Sungai Liat district where people can access to many beaches in a row. Wohoo! It took us around an hour to be in that place. And for the very first time, my beach photos are all in blue-ish water. Ha! After we arrived in Sungai Liat district, we visited Matras beach first for taking a little bit rest and going to mosque because it was pray time. And because there are some developments near the beach area, and found it was not so good, so we moved to Turun Aban beach where we found a nice place to get some lunch and explore a little (which include photo shooting, of course :p) We climbed on giant rocks, and found hidden places which absolutely beautiful and make us able to see the whole beach from above. And not to forget, Turun Aban beach is also used as boat park for fisherman. So you can see many fish boats there.

After finished our lunch, we moved to Rambak beach, which is still in Sungai Liat district but not in a row beaches. It took around 20 minutes to get there. Rambak beach is more popular than other beaches in Sungai Liat (or even my other visited beach) I guess; because so many people went there, and most of them are in group like families, relatives and friends. I only saw few couples, so I guess it's family-beach. Rambak beach is so extensive, I took a lot of time just to finish walking from starting point to ending point (basically I need three hours to walk slowly, take picture nicely and enjoy the beach view heartily) The beach like hypnotizes me with its amazing view, friendly weather and romantic sand to lay down; and I just can't get enough.

I might be a little bit conventional, because I do believe every best thing is worth saving for the last. And that's what I exactly do for these set of photos; because these beaches are my favorite ones among others, so I post it as ending post of my Bangka island trip. I wish visiting them could be my yearly trip, or even better every time I need an escape place. LOL. So long, Bangka island, you'll be missed.


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  3. Such a nice post! Love the photos!

  4. Wow, and I thought the last few posts were already the most beautiful places ever... but this one here tops them! Soooo pretty! Please, I wanna go there too :)! You look super cute in this zickzack shirt!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

  5. Wow these photos are amazing! I love your dress, you look super pretty :)

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  6. omg this is a great place <3 love it


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