Bangka Island Trip: China Town

Monday, October 12, 2015

Already landed sound and safe in Yogyakarta. Damn tired after long trip, but super happy indeed. Bangka Island definitely is a slice of paradise. I can't get enough of its private beaches, foods and weather! Bangka Island is one of the best place to live in because of its perfect weather in my opinion. Warm enough to see the Sun, but not hot at all. It's no fair because in other part of my country is freakishly hot, but I spent my days lately in heavenly weather place. Hahahaaa. I can live everyday in beach though. Honestly it's weird, because I'm a mountain girl at heart, but the beaches here are unbelievable friendly to me and my skin.

Ahh, but before I share my beach madness, let me share the first thing I did there. Well, of course I visited the nearest beach from the airport right after landed (yes, yes, they have beach near airport!!!!) and then headed to China town and such a sudden I attracted to its well built cemetery. Got some snaps there which of course nothing spooky or else. Because it's too beautiful to be spooky. Then I checked in my hotel to get some rest. Nothing much to do at day one, because I got there right in the late afternoon. This was my airport outfit, I packed so light, well I don't want to bring too much heavy material clothes, because I already brought laptop and camera. Hopefully my shoulder doesn't get hurt after this trip. LOL. Hope you guys enjoy this set of photos, taken by boyfriend slash tour guide of the days, because many of beaches photos are coming next ;)


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  1. You look so classy. Lovely post, have a beautiful week! kisses

  2. wow, simple outfit
    nice trip♥

  3. Wauw! Love your pictures! I'm soo into hat latealy but this one is jjust made for you:*



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