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Monday, October 05, 2015

If you followed me on instagram, you might've known that I'm currently having holidays in far faaarr away land. Hahaa, kidding! I'm currently in famous, Bangka Island. It's my first time stepping my feet here though. I'm quite shock with how private the island is! And the beaches are so close to reach on. Well, I'm getting tanned here, people! Not to forget the perfect taste of foods here. I almost love everything; well, not almost but all of them *wink wink*

But, people speaks different language here which I hardly understand, so I feel like I'm in different country which is not! Hahaa. Thankfully, boyfriend is originally living here, so problem solved *dancing* Honestly I love the feel of being loner in a new place, it somehow teaches me how adapting in new places, and how interacting with brand new people. Sadly, I'm in a little bit dizzy right now; maybe it caused by lack of sleep and non stop exploring the place for around two and a half days. Mehh, happiness definitely comes with price. LOL. So, I better off to sleep, because I still have few more days (hopefully!!:p) to enjoy the island.


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  1. Great pics! What camera do you use? :D

  2. AAA bangka island is so beautiful :3

  3. Lovely post, have a beautiful week! kisses

  4. i want to have a trip,and thanks for your sharing .


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