Bangka Island Trip: Hutan Pelawan

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I spent the second day of my Bangka trip by visiting Hutan Pelawan (Pelawan Forest) and Ardal Beach (which I will reveal soon after this post! *finger crossed*). Both places are located far from other, so I only got chance to visit two places that day. Not bad though, remembering I only able to visit a place in a day later. Blame the work in the middle of holidays. LOL.

Hutan Pelawan is located in Namang district, Central Bangka. Hutan Pelawan is famous of its Pelawan trees conservation. As you can see from photo below (me posing with a tree), that's what people called as Pelawan tree. Hutan Pelawan is a total mini wild forest for me; except there is a good pathway around the area and minus wild animals. Hahaa. Trees grow in all over the area and not only Pelawan trees, cover most of the place. Birds chirp everywhere, and if you lucky enough like me that day, you can see the rare red bird (I don't know the name, sorry!) and reptiles pass by. Hutan Pelawan also has some small bungalows to be rest area in some points of the forest and open for public for free. So you can take some rest after a long walk. But don't expect any luxury; because hey, they're inside the forest after all :p


floppy hat - unbranded
white dungaree - ROMWE
tank top - random store
bag - Reebok
shoes - Nike

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  1. look super amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-)

  2. You look amazing
    Fabulous ensemble and pictures dear

    Love Vikee

  3. Looks and sounds like such a beautiful place to explore nature
    Your outfit is lovely, the dungarees are especially cute

  4. you look so pretty, great place♥ jadi pengen kesana hehe

  5. The location is so heavenly !! you looking pretty too.
    My favorite shampoos : secret behind my shiny hair


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