Review: KA'FEN Deep Recovery Treatment

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hey guys! Today's blog post is pretty special because I'm gonna reviewing one of my recent hair treatment product. As you can see, I have colored hair, and the last time I checked, I still have very bad habit in keeping my hair healthy. LOL. I've been changing and using many hair products, and still haven't satisfied with the results. Luckily, few weeks ago, Clozette Indonesia x KA'FEN Indonesia kindly sent me one of KA'FEN Impression Series product, to give it a try to my damage hair.

Just a short brief in case you haven't heard about this brand; started in 2010, KA'FEN grows as a very reputable Taiwan's hair treatment brand. They produce two different series for each hair problem; Impression Series (known as the first product of KA'FEN) and Restore Series.
  • Impression Series consists of Repairing Shampoo, Refresh Shampoo, Colored Hair Shampoo and Deep Recovery Treatment.
  • Restore Series consists of Restore Shampoo and Restore Treatment.
Long story short, I've been using KA'FEN Deep Recovery Treatment few times now, and each time I'm using it, my hair's getting smoother and healthier. This Deep Recovery Treatment used as conditioner; so after I cleanse my hair with shampoo, I put small amount of KA'FEN and gently rub through my hair just like using regular conditioners. I wait for a minute, then rinse my hair. Magic happens, the minute I start to rinse, because my hair instantly feel smoother. Honestly, it's the smoothest feeling ever, compared to when I used other conditioners. KA'FEN really does the job to restore and nourish my colored hair inside out! Yaiiiyy!

+ KA'FEN makes my hair smoother and healthier.
+ it smells so good.
+ doesn't leave any oily feeling.

- I didn't find any so far, because my hair is extremely happy now!

Healthy hair is happy hair! :D

Sponsored post, but as always all thoughts are mine and based on personal experience.

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