Two Choices

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I tried to look cute by wearing a pink headband and tidying up my hair. But instead of looking cute, my face looked rounder! HAHAAA, what a total fail. So for the rest of session I let my hair unravel, and got natural curly hair because of the tidying up process, what a chance! I guess unravel messy long hair will be popular again because of the rainy season's coming. You know how people get lazier in rainy days. 
Well, just like me, I had no plan nor idea on what was I gonna wear, I just put something casual and warm enough to wear outside, because of the weather (see what I meant?). As a point of my style, I chose my long gone pineapple bag (gosh how I missed this bag so much! Alright, blame me later, okay!), I've been ditching this bag for so long I barely remember, so I'm pretty excited to be able to pull it again. And since the rains just got stop and still freezing outside, I prefer wearing jeans to skirt. As for the top and outer, I mixed quite a lot until got this pair of sleeveless top and mom's brown cardigan. Okay I should stop mumbling now, but let me know what do you think and which hair styles you love most! The tidying hair or unraveling one? Have a great day, loves!


brown cardigan - mom's
white jeans - Hana & Co
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. I love your shoes:) Perfect look ❤

  2. So cool and stylish look!

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