Unfortunate Event

Sunday, October 09, 2016

So happy that H&M finally launched its first store in my town, Yogyakarta, yesterday. It means I no longer need to go to Jakarta whenever I'm in urge of H&M products. LOL.Thus, I took the opportunity to visit them, but boy, the queue was INSANE! Seriously insane. Well, I wasn't surprise, because H&M offered huge discount for the first 300 costumers, and even though I was curious to see the store, I wasn't that freak so yeah, I might as well skip "wake up in the midnight to get the first in line". So I went there in normal hour, 10 AM, and saw the queue makes me hungry, so I moved around the mall for maybe an hour, and back to H&M, but I was so unlucky, the queue wasn't empty yet. Then, I bought some bakeries and went home. HAHAAA. Not a real shopping fighter, I guess. But I'm planning on visiting their store, ummmmmm, next time I have a chance! LOL.


Strarry Tube Dress worn as skirt - ROMWE
sweater - Something Borrowed
wedges - UP shoes

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