Cloudy Somewhere

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ahh, finally here again with an outfit post. Don't you think my first pose look so stuffy? LOL. I didn't have enough time to practice my posing style, so yeah, since it's been a while now from my last outfit shoot, I really should start from the bottom again. Hahaa, blame my easily nervous self. Yogyakarta is being nice for the past few days, it's getting more cloudy and windy which is a big YAIY for mountain girl like me. I never enjoying sunny days because of the heat that I can't handle, but I don't wanna complain so much; however the sun light is the best light source for photography, right? :p 

So without further ado, I took the opportunity of my favorite weather to pull out all knitted look. A knitted shirt dress and a big knitted cardigan. I didn't really care if the colors aren't match, because I just simply love wearing fluffy knitted all over my body. HAHAA. And excuse my sad face, I guess the weather adding such sad memories into my mind and turn out, my face gets the impact. Okay, it's just non sense, but you guys understand what I meant, right?


dress - ROWLs
cardigan - ROMWE
shoes - Chrysallis
hat - Forever 21


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  1. Lovely dress!

  2. Wonderful outfit! I have the same cardigan, it is very like, especially in the fall))
    Beautiful shoes!
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  3. Nice cardigan and hat:) Perfect look for autumn:)


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