Gramedia Warehouse: Books Sale Haul

Friday, September 16, 2016

Yesterday me and boyfriend went to Gramedia Warehouse Sale in Yogyakarta.Gramedia is one of the famous book publisher in Indonesia, so you might guess, it's a book sale! Rumors said the warehouse will be changing function into something, so they need to get rid of the million books to get some spaces, and decided to hold the craziest book sale ever. Well, I had to put "crazy" word because the book sold in unimaginable price; $0.05 each. As a nerd at heart, I took the opportunity to visit the warehouse and just like I imagined, the place was flood by human even it isn't open yet. The sale scheduled to open at 9AM until 3PM everyday except Sunday, but guess what, before 12PM because of the enthusiasm, they should close the gate, and will be open in the next day. Funny story, I went there a week ago, arrived at 10:30 AM, and it was already closed! Crazy huh.

Well, don't tell how it feels to be inside the warehouse. Side aside from all the butterflies in my stomach; the place is full of human with different smells, HAHAHAAA, I can't say it's comfy as in book store, but to get the book at its prices, IT'S WORTH THE FIGHT! LOL. It took me around three hours to move and look for the books I wanna buy. If only there was less awaited people, it might get faster to finish. Sadly, I didn't bring my camera around to witness the crowd. But I'm glad I didn't, it might hard to avoid breaking my camera there.

And here are some treasures I scored, they might a little old, but who cares! I love them and been planning to buy them long time ago; who knows I was able to buy them in such a great great prices. HAHAA.

 I'm so so so SO IN LOVE with all about Russia, that's why when I saw these books I didn't need to think twice to put them in my shopping bag.
These books are on my waiting list in such a long time; but there was always no time to go to book store excuse, no money excuse, another interesting book excuse and more. But that day, when I saw it stand on the bookshelf along with another ones (I get all series!!!) I just can't help myself to bring all of them home.
I've been a fan of Agatha Christie novels since I was in high school. My brother used to buy Sherlock Holmes novels, and I enjoyed them. So when I first knew there is a woman who writes mystery novel, I tried to read and instantly fall in love since then. I have few pieces of her novels at home. I don't have these series yet, so yeah I'm pretty excited!

HAHAHAHAAA I have soft spot for dictionaries. Any kind of dictionary. I don't know why, maybe it's my weird thing, but I just so in love with dictionaries and languages. I love knowing new words and use them in daily. Well, maybe not that often, but I love playing words. And seeing dictionaries standing neatly on my own bookshelf gives me relaxing vibe. Weird isn't it? :p
The Indonesian Civil Code dictionary, I have no idea what's inside, but the hardcover and the vintage color melt me.
I learned a bit of French back in High School, so yeah a good reason to buy the French dictionary :p
I really really REALLY don't speak Swedish or learn it, but it's just.. a dictionary so I need to buy it.

These three were my random picks, so there is no valid reason why did I buy them :p

These two last photos were my boyfie's pick. He personally loves comic and superheroes, so that kinda explains why he picked all of these six.

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