Ohh, Hello May

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wearing Indonesian traditional clothes in my first May blog post, just because I'm that prepare. LOL, no! I'm kidding. I actually get this set of clothes from my best friend, Aira whose just got married this early month. And since we're best friend (my truly best friend because I literally know her since the first day I could speak. Yes, that long!), she gave me an honor to be part of her big day, which in Indonesia called as "Pager Ayu". As Pager Ayu, I got the privilege of getting my make up done and custom theme ready from the bride. But surprisingly, Aira also gave me another set of fabrics, she told me to get it tailored in any style I want to, so I could wear it after the party and get photos of us. So taraaaaaa, here is my choice of traditional clothes also called as Kutubaru from Aira's fabrics. But too bad, the party went so well and crowded, so we had no chance to meet after party; so I couldn't show her how I tailored her fabrics :( So I make this blog post instead! Hahaa. Hope you guys miss me enough to read my mumbling today, lol.


top and bottom - personal tailored
shoes - Forever 21

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