JUMPalitan Off Duty - Reza's Wedding

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yesterday, April 27th 2016, my best friend, Reza Akhmad is getting married! Like finally! We've been friends for almost six years, and seeing him right now, as grown up man whose just married, is an absolute happiness. How could I not? He has been my very supportive friend since the day one, and it still is until now. He also the one who lend me his camera for days, back then - just to make sure I could update my blog. Hahaaa. And the one who gives me suggestion (a lot) about camera, right after I bought my current camera. Last but not least, the one who always cherish every moment in his life, he even laughed at his parkour accident into surgery room, wtf. And the bride, Rima Ariska, is a great woman. She just clicked with us all since the first day we met. The one with warm heart, and very open minded. She even no less supportive.They fulfill each other, and I can see love spreading in the air around you guys, without too much expressions. I'm beyond happy knowing you guys make it, and I wish you both nothing, but tons of happiness, because you guys simply deserve it. I love you both to the Lisses and back!


P.S since it's such a rare moment to the gang to look good and wear formal outfit, I snapped a lot of photos (please excuse us!)

 Whooops, caught me eating! LOL

 The JUMPinten

And some of Indonesian foods, but minus soto, satay, siomay and local beverages, because I'm too busy eating and chit chatting, LOL.

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  1. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. Love the outfit, the top is really nice! looking super pretty! such a cute top :)


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