No Regrets

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just right in time for last blog post before May 2016 is officially gone! How are you guys holding up so far? Are you guys ready for June which means we already half way to go to 2017? Are you excited or terrified? And does your resolution go as you planned or some changes happen? There are just too many questions popping up on my head right now, which turns out bad because it makes my pulse in rushing. Oww oww oww! Okay, I need to grab water and drink for a while, seriously. Pfffttt. The idea of us, anytime now is leaving this year somehow makes everything in rush for me, I just can't help knowing deadlines and unfinished jobs :( Have you ever wished that time were gonna stop just few seconds for you? What were you gonna do? Doing things that you haven't done or redoing things that happened wrongly previously?

Before you start commenting, yes, I'm aware that my shoes is waaaayyy bigger for my feet. Truth is, this supposed to be the right size because I took exactly my true size; according to the description box "put your normal size" (well, okay, I already reviewed these shoes on this post). BUT when it came to my door for the first time, I had no guts to send them back, because they're just too pretty and I had no patient to wait for another shipping month. Tough choice! So I chose to save these babies and deal with the extra space. I consult to the costumer service, and they said I can always put extra pads. Sounds great, but then again, blame my bad time management, I always forget to buy them when I'm out, and now I'm regretting again because I should get the pads very soon to be able to walk in these beauties longer! *finger crossed*


hat - Forever 21
top - Stratto
pants - ROMWE
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. perfect shoes dear! :) and the whole outfit is nice

  2. You are such a beauty! I really like the pants you are wearing here and also the top... and basically the entire outfit :D
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  3. Nice outfit:) Lovely pants ❤️❤️❤️


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