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Monday, May 16, 2016

One of those days, when I wish my hair was waaaaaay longer than this. And the wishes keep going- from thicker hair, not drying hair, and of course had the mermaid-y colors! I'm such a lazy-ass when it comes to hair treatments, so instead of wasting so much times, I decide to chop it off whenever I feel like it. BUT, there are always some days that I wanna style my hair just like those gorgeous superstars (well, who doesn't? duh!), whose walk confidently with the long thick hair. I wonder, how much time needed to take care of it, which I definitely don't have. As you can see, my red hair is long gone, and I always trapped in this brunette for such a long time. I don't mind, really, because it doesn't look that bad; but maybe, if I was taking care of my red hair with certain products, I'd have the red color much longer. Okay, no regretting, just keep going >,<

Today, I was trying to nail vintage-y look, because I felt amazingly weird -in a good way- with my collar shirt's shape. All I could think about is my mom and granny's pieces. I had some outfit ideas in my mind, such as pairing it with shorts, or skater skirts would be nice; but since I had an errand to go, I chose pencil skirt instead to make me look like professional business woman, don't you think so? LOL, kidding. I feel good, and that's the utmost importance, no? ;)


top - Stratto
skirt - ROMWE
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. You look cute and cute shoes!!!

  2. look super amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-)

  3. Great look! Have a nice day)


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