Thursday, June 09, 2016

Years ago, never in my mind I ever thought (or even touched) of using curler to my hair because I was born a bit boyish back then. A ponytail or simple bobby pin worked well for me. My mom in other hand was born with beautiful curly hair, so she simply doesn't need curler; that's why I never touched curler in my earlier life. Then there was a phase of my college life, when I got to live alone, and my girlish side started to grow. Skirts, dresses, basic make up were on my shopping lists. At some point, I started to get bored of my regular straight hair. I colored it once in high school (oopppss!) and I thought of having colored hair again. Consumed by seeing a lot of magazines with those perfect-curls kind of models, I've been thinking of having the curls myself, and that's how I ended up having this kind of curls as my on the go hair. LOL. I looovvveeee every curls on my head, and now I feel a bit weird looking at my photos with my sleek straight hair. Truth be told, curly hair makes my hair look volumize and hide my chubbiness. LOL. How about you guys? Do any of you have on the go hair as preference? Or maybe your favorite hair treatmens, because I suck at taking care of my hair :( Let's share! Last but not least, happy fasting for all of my Moslem friends! =)


top - Berrybenka
skirt - Vivo
shoes - Forever 21

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