Old Scarf

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Hello April from this busy bee! I just can't believe four months is gone already, and it's only eight months left until 2016 is officially over. The good side of being (sadly) busy is you never get enough time and lost (in a good way) most of it.

Talking about time, I remember purchasing this Batik scarf years ago, but never get chance to try it out. So lucky because the unpredictable weather pushes me to create more layers outfit. Hahaa. I'm so amaze, since I put the scarf in its original box, and only put it out to get wind blow, it still is in perfect condition just like the first time I got it. No color changing. Guess just like old saying, "good things come in good prices". I really start to believe in goods investment. Any of you investing your money in particular things? Let me know what kind of goods that really worth investing!


top - ROMWE
leggings - OASAP
scarf - Batik Indonesia
shoes - Forever 21

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