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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wait, what? Is it Saturday already? I must seem so desperate because updating my blog in Saturday night, LOL. Truth is, no I'm not that desperate, in fact I just had one of those -ohh so called- super tired day. And I just wanna lay down on my bed, being lazy and browsing non sense; then I remember having draft in this blog, so well this happened *smirk*

Crossed this street few days ago after having lunch and in a sudden the rain fall down. We (me and boyfriend) decided to stopped by on a small gardening theme restaurant. Lucky to accidentally get these photos done before the rain fall hard. One of the perks of having good photographer around is get the job done faster! Hahaa. Anyway I'm sooo excited because next week I'll be in Bandung, West Java! It's been a while since I visited the city, so I'm really looking forward for the holidayyyysss! Have a great weekend, guys!


butterfly top - Rave Habbit
pants - ROMWE
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

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