Summer All Days

Friday, September 11, 2015

Back to the balcony background. Ha! Welcome back to my lazy-ass period. LOL. Please don't get bored of this background, because the balcony is the only place which provides good lightning for outfit photos :D In fact, it's so hot outside nowadays, and by hot means literally sunny, bright and super hot (I guess it's around 40*C! Fiuuuhhhh). You will easily get sweaty, and the skin feels like burning. Ouuuhhh I really wish rainy season comes soon. And because it's still summer here, nothing beats the comfort of shirtdress! Especially the one with sleeveless like mine here. Easy breeze around! Hahaa. Well, nothing much to write, since I should take a bath before it's getting late and cold, so 'til the next post!


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