School Girl

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last photo-set of my ugly black root hair. I already got them dyed anyway! Yaaaiiiyy. Even though the color is still in reddish color charts. I haven't figured what color suits me best other than reddish. Brown? I'm not into brown, because while my reddish hair fades away, it will turns into brown, and I don't like it. Turquoise? Purple? Pink? Ombre? Ahh, I have no guts to bleach my hair *crying* Seems like I'm gonna stay in reddish charts for a little longer (or maybe forever!)

Anyway I got this tartan skirt quite long time ago, but have no chance to try them out. And the first thing in my mind was pairing it with white shirt. Is tartan still in trend? Or is it out of date already? Nevertheless, I'm still loving this pattern, because it brings back the old memories back. In my case, by pairing it with white shirt, I feel like school girl, because in my elementary school, we used to wear white-red uniform. I love every piece which can tell stories. Don't you agree? Ahh, happy Sunday, folks!


white shirt - old collection (get similar here)
tartan skirt - Kizzie
shoes - Puma

aaaaannnnddddd bonus of my smiling face, because I believe, happiest girl is the prettiest! =)

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  1. Fantastic look love the skirt.

  2. That skirt is so cute :)

  3. beautiful image and hairstyle!

  4. Such a cutie you are! The skirt really makes you look like a school girl :) but as far as I know, you are a working girl, arent you ;)?
    I think the dark hair looks great on you but I think a little bit of ombre would look great too! Please no turqoiuse ;)!!!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment and have a great Monday: )

  5. You look amazing
    Beautiful outfit

    Love Vikee

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Dear , looking lovely !!!
    i am following you 330 # follower
    please follow back its your turn dear !!

  8. You look very nice <3 I love your blouse:)
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know and I follow you back:)


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