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Thursday, September 17, 2015

I didn't realize it first, but then I have this thoughts in my brain. Being a blogger is a single-handed man; photographer, editor, content writer, personal style, and marketer. All in one, unless you have photographer boyfriend, (which in my case is not happen). I do have a lot of friends who have experience in photograph plus amazing editing skills, and of course willing to help me take my blog photos. But I have this confident crisis (as I've already told you, and yet it's still there somewhere in my mind), such a pity I know, because in the other hand I want to show my photos by having blog, but too shy to get snapped by other people, LOL.

And this whole year, most of my blog photos are taken by tripod and timer. Well, in some occasions I got help by my friends because they insisted to take my photos -_____- as far as I remember there are four or five blog posts taken by them, and I always credited their names. I feel amazed of myself because I can survive managing this blog on my own, but also feel a little bit grieve, because how could I'm not improving my confident skill at all this whole year -_______- bet it's still a long journey to go. Long Journey. So, boyfie, a little help here? =)


P.S please excuse the quality of this photos. I just can't help the flare. The Sun shined so bright that day anyway!

dress - ViVo (similar in green here or in red here)
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. That dress it's gorgeous !

  2. Wow ,love the shoes! You look super cute :)

  3. wow you looking so pretty in that dress !!

    Nice post !! would you like to follow for follow ? let me know on my blog , would return your favor.
    {{My first OOTD post }}

  4. very beautiful image and shoes!

  5. I like earthy tones in clothes and I think this cute dress suits you very well! The pictures are also very pretty! What is it in the background?
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Beautiful!!! :)

  7. I like your post and of course blog <3 ♥


    MY BLOG click

  8. Those shoes! Girl, you really should focus your blog on shoes because you pick them well.


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