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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Because little black dress is one of must have items in our wardrobe. A great investment to be exact, just like a little white dress, a great coat, or perfect pair of shoes. Its black, so it will matches to everything! From colorful to pastel to earthy tone. Everything. It gives a perfect silhouette to our bodies, and of course makes us looks slimmer. I'm lucky enough to score this v-neck black dress few days ago. And tried to create day to night look, meeting to hang-out look, without even changing. Paired it with my newest Jeffrey Campbell shoes which is my first time trying them out!

Anyway, here are the recap of my opinions about Jeffrey Campbell Power Cut Platform Heels:
  • Pros : it matches to almost any outfit (well, it's black with colorpop anyway!), and it's way more beautiful in person!
  • Cons : sadly, it's not too comfortable to walk in. I don't know maybe it's because mine is half size larger than my usual size.
  • Price : the retail price of this shoes is around $155-$195 (I forgot the exact price, because I got them while on sale :p)
  • Size : runs large; I'm wearing the size I normally use for Jeffrey Campbell shoes and sadly it's way larger about half size. Blame the Customer Service though, because they stated as true to size, and I already made sure about this. But well, I got it on sale though, so maybe I will buy the shoe-pad instead.
  • Point : 2.5 of 5
  • I won't recommend this pair of shoes, if you are not expert walking in high heels.
Hope this review helps, and have a nice day, you guys!

P.S this is not a sponsored post, so this review is 100% from my honest heart.

Black dress - Kizzie (similar here)
clutch - ROMWE (similar here)
Power Cut Heels in Neon - Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. Amazing post..Well done! I really love your blog. Keep going.
    Many kisses
    Lady Fur

    Please check my last post blog

  2. Those shoes look incredible, sorry they're not so comfortable
    Practice makes perfect though, I hope you just need time getting used to them

  3. Love that dress.. that neckline looks so cool! :)

    And those colourful shoes... you are rocking them! I'm sure some inserts will make them a bit more comfortable.. at least I hope they do. :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  4. perfect shoes dear! :) and the whole outfit is nice

  5. NICE POST DEAR !! You look super pretty !!
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  6. Yeah, I can see that there are slightly too big but they are absolutely beautiful for sure! Thanks for your review :)
    Thanks a lot for your last comment and have a great start into the new week: )

  7. But they look so damn gooooood! It's so annoying when the shoes don't fit. :/


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