Spring on My Feet

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Welcoming the hot sunny day with these spring mood shoes! Eekk, it's halfway of May already! I started the month with recoloring my hair at my usual salon, but sadly, that day I got treatment from the one who is not the person usually do my hair. And as I expected since the first time she touched my hair, the color is not shown as it should does *sigh* A bad way to start the month, I know right. Now I need to get back to the salon soon, to get my hair done.

I know it's such a pity to let myself take these photos indoor, in fact the Sun shines so bright outside. I just couldn't help myself to bring so much gear while I still am need to set up the camera. Seems like I'm in my lazy point these past few days. Thus, one of my reason why I haven't updated my blog and other social medias. Need to recharge my soul though, hahaaa.

Luckily, today is holiday, so I plan to do some workout this noon (well actually I will come to hear newest gossips from the gank! LOL). Hopefully the nature supports me by not letting the rain pours! And I can't wait to be back home for the weekend. I miss mom's cooking, fresher air, colder water and quieter environment. So what do you guys plan for this weekend? Hope you have a great one! :)


top - ROWL's
jeans - Dust
Tree Hi Spring - UP shoes

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  1. Lovely, the shoes are so cute!!!


  2. These shoes really look like Spring - how nice! I think your hair looks pretty, but I am sorry to read that it was not made the way you wanted it to be.
    Sending much love :)


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