Postcard from: Magelang

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grew up in the small town somehow feels such a blessing for me. I'm glad that I had the best place to grow. I might have told this many times, but, really, my small town has the fresher air, the colder water, and the most liveable place for me; no rush, no crowd, no traffic jam and not to mention the best pavements! Everything just runs smoothly. I'm glad that my parents decide to stay in here, and have no plan to move onto another town. Thus I can came back as much as I want to; while people want to have some short gateway, I already have one! ;)

I'm currently loving to snap beautiful street near my home. That's why I manage to upload this kind of post :) I just can't get enough admiring these beautiful streets (my definition about beautiful street: clean, walkable, and worth to shoot of course!). The first and last photos were taken at around 5.30 PM, and the rest of them were taken at 9.30 AM. Hope you guys love these shots as much as I do love taking them. As if you don't, please say that you love them. Hahaa. LOL. I might come back with another postcards!


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  1. nice shots! Nice blog dear :)


  2. I would love to visit Indonesia one day! I am probably going to the Phillipines next year but I dont know if it is somehwat similar!? Probably not!?!?
    Thanks a lot for your last comment!

  3. Oh the small town feeling! You do appreciate so much and you can't forget where you come from.


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