Sleepless Days

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ohh, please excuse my baggy eyes! I got lack of sleep while these photos taken. Still from my previous holidays in my hometown; and yes, mom did help me taking these bunch of photos. Hohohooo. Went super casual while walked with mommy that noon. We went to traditional events held in the heart of town. I wore my old black sweater that day because of the cold; mehh, it's always cold though in my hometown!

Anyway, I just cut my hair off this morning. Hahaa, such an impulsive Sunday! And I kinda like the result. The last time I had this very short-bob hairstyle is when I was in univ back then. I love it to the bits! So this is gonna be my last post in long hair this year. Hahaaa. No, I'm not missing my long hair. I can always buy hair clip though, if I do. So, no need to worry. Can't wait to show it here, in my blog. Seems like I'm so ready for Summer; how about you? :)


Thank you, mommy for being my photographer that day! x

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  1. Your mum is so pretty! And its so awesome that she took the pictures of you :)
    I really love the sweater which you are wearing here, so special because of the details on the sleeves.


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