Chill Down

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Living in flip-flop. Yes, it's my holidays theme this time. Just chilling out and relaxing my feet from those killer shoes by wearing super comfy flip flop (and loose shirt and culottes!). Plus no make up! Ha, both my skin and my feet thank me though! :p actually I'm in a big dilemma to post or not to post these photos which is not so blog worthy. Well, you know, no make up, loose shirt, culottes, and flip-flop. Ha, not so fashion :p But then I realize, it's okay though to chill down a bit from the busy world. Since everyone must be have those kind of days while they don't wanna put everything on. Well, it's holiday after all.

I had well spent weekend at home with my family. And guess what, these photos is taken by my mom! Hahahaaa. Thanks mom! After teaching and forcing her to do these couple of shots, she is a master now. LOL.

I didn't pack that much (well I never do), so I was trying to search anything which I can match to things I brought. Luckily, I found this culottes on my old wardrobe, and thought it would be good to match with my black-white shirt. Plus! I almost forgot having this black-white beanie. So I pulled everything together. Hahahaaa.

So, how's your weekend so far, people? Hope you had a great one and ready to face Monday!


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