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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Wedding is always be woman special moment, thus every girls out there has their crazy imagination about their future wedding. But one thing for sure, they do love unforgettable wedding, and it's never matter about big or small ceremony and reception, or glamorous and things. But it's all about the feeling. Every girls always dream about the perfect wedding in their mind -in their way of course. So that's why there is no exact same dreamy wedding from one to another girls.

And today, I want to share my dreamy color wedding dresses -in my opinion of course! :) Hope you like my choices :)

I love this halter look dress! Especially when it's in white :)
you can get the dress here

Red is always be my favorite color! So if it's possible, I would love to have this dress in my wedding! (ohh, read this boyfriend :p)
you can get the dress here

And for the mix of white (as common wedding color) and red (as my favorite color), I choose this roses dress! Lovely, isn't it? :)
you can get the dress here

*All images source of*

You can get all dresses (and another which I don't upload) from
You can check another color wedding dresses on to pick your favorites :)
They really have gorgeous wedding dresses anyway!
Happy shopping!

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