Saturday, August 30, 2014

So, here is the deal, since boyfie isn't in town yet (and might be for a long time) I'm going to be forever alone trying so hard to update this blog -with my minimalist knowledge of photography. So please, don't judge okay :D
Well, if you are bloggers or camera-thing-related, you must know how hard it is to have none helping you taking pictures or else, right? right? That's what exactly happens to me *crying* Even though I have many friends with great photography skills, but still I'm too shy to pose in front of them! *another crying icon here* So I decided to use tripod this time, thanks to self timer! LOL. I kinda like these photos, although there is no full body look (it's soooooo hard! I was dying to capture my whole look. And all the results are bad! Huuuffffftttttt). Still, practice makes perfect, yeah? ;)
Ahh and another thanks to Reza Akhmad for lending me his big tripod (and the camera as well :p). You know, my humble camera won't produces nice photos without any great photographer :p

Have a great Sunday, guys!


the blurry photo that I love! So I feel like wanna share it here :)

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  1. omg that skirt <3

  2. You look amazing :) The blouse is really pretty. The skirt has such a beautiful pattern ^.^
    Have a nice day ♥

  3. You have a fantastic blog and all the pictures are wonderful! Loved everything!

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  4. Lovely skirt and love the sequin details on your sleeves cuff!

    Deasy Tantra


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