Sunday, September 07, 2014

It might be true that luckiness never comes twice. Happened. To. Me. This. Morning. So, I woke up early today, and prepared everything from head-to-toe to get nice shoot (just like what I did in my last post :p) but, oughhhh, I don't know why the results look too bright, not as good as in my last post? T-T

I'm quite disappointed since setting up the camera and else is a big deal right now! You know how troublesome the self-timer-thing is. You need to settle the camera in the right place, focusing the camera, pushing the button, posing, and getting back to the camera just to check up the result. And when the result is bad, you need to repeat the same rhythm. Ouuucchhh, it's sooooooo exhausting!

Okay, I need my boyfie right now. Yeah, NOW! Dear boyfie, yeah you read it right.

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