Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's been almost 5 months of me joining my work company. Time flies, and story still going on. And it would be unfair if I wasn't share a little piece of my togetherness with my workmates. Meeting new people, having new experiences, hearing life-experiences of them, and getting new hilarious stories are somehow make me braingasm.

And I'm quite happy to be among these people. I feel blessed to meet them and know their personalities better. We're taking care of each other, laughing, mumbling, adventuring and everything that every friendship always do :p Some of them are not in company anymore, but it's always good to know that we keep contacting others. How am I can't feel blessed? :)

Here are some of my favorite moments of us. P.S no uniform okay! Since these photos are our off-duty moments, from touring to Ketep Pass - Magelang, workmates reunion from elder to youngest generations, and outdoor events! (and yet many more exciting journeys are still waiting!)

All photos taken by Samsung S4.

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  1. Great pics :)

  2. love the fun pics :)
    check out my NYFW favourites at
    kisses. Xxxx


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