Unboxing Local Brand Make Up - MakeOver

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

I sure am not a beauty junkie, but few days ago, when I run off the store to buy new color of lipstick, I ended up buying the whole set of make up. Crazy, I know! Blame all the people who buzz this brand so much (especially their lipstick, so I'm about to find out what's all the fuss about. Plus, the lady who helped (and enlighten) me about the product was nice, so yeaaaahhhhh...

And P.S this is not sponsored nor I get paid to write this post. So all of this is my personal thought.

1. MakeOver Liquid Foundation

I barely wear 100% foundation in my daily base. Mostly I just wear moisturizer or/and BB cream for that matter. So I can't compare with another brand, but as someone who really new in this thing, I can say I love this foundation. The texture is light, not thicky for my face, so I can feel my face still can freshly breath; and gives the glowing effect (hahaa), and more importantly it doesn't make my T-zone area oily! So yes foe this foundation! Though I'm not gonna use it often. LOL.

2. MakeOver Perfect Two Way Cake

Another product that amaze me, because I don't know that it will be this GOOD. The compact powder is so GOOD! The color blends naturally, the texture is light yet stick to my face for the longest hour.

3. MakeOver Lipsticks (Intense Matte Lip Cream & Ultra Hi Matte Lipstick)

These two are the main reason I stepped my foot in MakeOver booth. People are babbling about these lipsticks and I was simply curious; but normally I don't, so is it destiny or what? :) And guess what? They both are so adorable!!!!! Usually matte lipsticks are making my lip dry, but with these two aren't so much. These are my current favorite.

4. Trivia Eye Shadow

Out of curiosity, I just bought this eye shadow for fun. I'm not a big fan of eye makeup, because my eyes are sensitive for anything, so I prefer not using any product. I can't say much, but their colors are so pretty. LOL.

And this is my look using the whole of new set of MakeOver, captured by phone only. Pretty good, huh? I'm quite happy with the result and have been recreating this look for the past few days. I thought people only babble about this brand, so I'm quite shock with the result (in good way, of course). Worth buying, not too cheap, but not that expensive either.


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