Monday, November 27, 2017

So, two weeks ago I went to my friend's wedding, and this was my outfit that I wore that day. The weather was so gloomy and a it rainy, but thank God, I arrived safely. I opted to wear simple outfit so I didn't mind when it got wet or else. Plus I was a little bit in my lazy mood, I mean come on, night reception was the time when people's snuggling in bed. LOL. And the fun part was, since the reception was at night, I already prepared 'this look' in the afternoon so I could manage to do this shoots. HAHAHAAA, talking about #BloggerDuties LOL. So I only needed a little touch up and ready to go.

And as usual, I added my finishing look with this black heels. I notice that I barely wear my other heels; I don't know, maybe this one is my comfort zone. AHAHAA. I hope you don't get bored seeing this babies a lot. I will try my best to get the others get out of the nest. Promise.


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