Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Okay this feels weird, last time I checked I was completely happy with my short hair, and now it turns 180' different! Ain't quite sure this time the short hair suits me well. To e honest, I had to ask hubby whether I should post this entry or not like thousand times. LOL. I feel weird looking at my faces here, HAHAHAA, I know it doesn't make sense, but I swear, I feel different (?). Or maybe because the color I chose? I barely had this black color in long time, so maybe it comes to a shock since I never had this short hair in black for the last few years. Or maybe because I grow up into mature woman? Maybe. Maybe. But I plan on changing the color like I used to have, sooooooooo yay or nayyyy? Any thoughts would help! XD


top - Forever 21
dungaree - H&M
bag - Zara
shoes - Puma

hubby requested to post this one. He said I look 'old school' -_____-
Weheee! surprise on the back!

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