Hand-Crafted Luxury Brand: Farbod Barsum

Monday, March 13, 2017

As you guys probably know, when it comes to shoes and bags, I'm gonna be a bit picky. Thus, I only have small numbers of bags (and shoes), and barely buy the new ones in ages. Because the way I see it, it might be the best investment for my wardrobe's life. I can always pick cheap or expensive clothes, but none will notice nor guess the value it comes with, because clothes is always cycling in fast pace. But, with both shoes and bags, people will always know the value, because they more constant, and the older and rarer the series, the more value it brings with. Plus, it can brings up or down your whole looks, so picking those two needs much more knowledge. Okay I sound a bit theoretical and confusing than it supposed to be. LOL. My point is, I love investing in bags and shoes more than I do for clothes. And yes, I do save much more and longer than I do for clothes. 

Recently, I've introduced with luxury brand called www.FarbodBarsum.com which specialized in handbags and accessorize. This Beverly Hills based company using the best materials and of course all of them are registered with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Department and meet strict compliance with the international requirements of CITES. The designer itself, Farbod Barsum, has a lot of experience in this field, prestigious fashion house particularly (yes, I do read their background story! *blogger research* LOL). No wonder all of their products are gorgeous; just look at their Sophia Lizard Clutch, the picked colors, the texture, and the design is so timeless. Or maybe their collection of exotic wallets; I never thought that small part of my living accessorize would look so high quality-made and classy! Here are some previews for you guys. What do you think? =)

*family portrait. OMG those all look gorgeous and the colors are so yummy! I can't help!!!

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