Gaudi x Hava Opening Celebration

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Last Saturday, I got invited by Clozette Indonesia to attend Gaudi x Hava Opening Celebration. As they opening their new store at Malioboro Mall Yogyakarta. Well, an event to meet my beautiful blogger babes, so yaiiiy! Started at 2 PM until around 4-ish, the event is full of people, and since I got a bit late, I had to standing because the chairs are all full :( But hey, I got a best view to shoot the event. #BlessinginDisguise LOL. 

They started the show with a mini fashion show by Hava, as a well-known hijab store, Hava offers a new way of hijabi clothes, the fresher way, with modern cuttings but still syar'i. I, myself do amaze with their collection, the outwear, baggy pants, jogger, dress, and even a shirt are stylish enough for non hijabi like me.
After Hava mini fashion show, they continued with talkshow with five famous bloggers *fangirling at the moment* hahaaa. 

Gaudi mini fashion show started right after talkshow with bloggers. Different with Hava, in my eyes, Gaudi is way more youthful with the play of colors and cute slash Korean style. I haven't checked at their newly open store yet, so I can't tell you much. Buuuutttt, I will visit them in March 25th! So I will tell you afterwards.
Since both mini fashion shows was over, it was about time for hijab tutorials by Hijab Community Yogyakarta, and make up tutorial by Revlon. And the last part of the show was quiz time and not to forget lucky draw to win the door-prizes! HAHAHAA, too bad I didn't win any. LOL.
Last but not least, photo sessions time with my blogger babes. Huraaayy! Well, that was the wrap, and hope the photos can tell the fun. Ayeeeee.

Thank you so much Clozette Indonesia, Gaudi and Hava for the event, because I had so much fun seeing the collections, and learning new things on the way.


 *talkshow with five top bloggers*

*mini fashion show by Hava*

*mini fashion show by Gaudi*

*bloggers crowds*
 *hijab tutorial by Hijab Community*

 *make up tutorial by Revlon*

 *mix and match challenge*

*the winners*

*lucky draw winners*

me with kak Sophie

blogger babes of Yogyakarta

Aaaannndd, of course my outfit for the event ;)
sweater - PersunMall
skirt - Something Borrowed
bag - Zara
shoes - Forever 21

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