EMINA Around The World: Tokyo

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

So, few days ago (last Sunday to be exact), EMINA held an event in Japanese restaurant called Ai Royal Unagi - Yogyakarta, and I was lucky enough to be invited. EMINA launched their newest campaign "EMINA Around The World: Tokyo", and guess what, every bloggers should dress up as Tokyo street style. Fun!

As you guys probably know, or maybe not, EMINA is one of the popular local make up brand, especially among the youngsters slash teenagers, because of their fun and playful products. Plus, with their super cute sizing products (a.k.a travel size) make their price affordable.

Okay, back to the event; the first session after introducing ourselves in the forum was watching videos of EMINA's new capaingn - showing Tokyo's streets, and all the Japanese little details. Ahh so dreamy! *teary eyes*. And then mbak Ute explained a little bit of the campaign, and she shared a goodie bag for each of us, and let us to pull the gift card, yes there was a gift card to win EMINA's grand prize a.k.a flying to Tokyo! But of course, only one person has to win (and you guys could join too! By buying EMINA's products worth IDR 100,000 in the store you will get a gift card!) *finger crossed* 

After done registering our gift cards, the next session was make up class, and the theme was about how to create multiple lip colors (five colors exactly) by only using two of EMINA's lip products. Wow, right!

And because it was Tokyo/Japanese theme event, of course the last session was cooking class by Ai Royal Unagi's chef. HAHAHAA. He teach us on how to make sushi. And I swear, it wasn't easy as it looks! *crying* but still, it was delicious though! LOL.

As the place was full of bloggers, cameras were flying all over the place, HAHAHAAA #BloggerDuty
I looovvveee the event so much! EMINA is always know how to spoil bloggers with goodie bags and such fun event. Thank you so much EMINA and Ai Royal Unagi, I had blast last Sunday!


P.S most photos are from my camera, but some of them are not, and sadly I don't know whose camera because all of them are mixed in the blogger's whatsapp group, sorry for the no credit! XD

*mbak Ute explained about EMINA's newest campaign*

*make up class*

*cooking class by Ai Royal Unagi's chef*

The ingredients:

Taraaaaaaa, here was how my sushi look alike, LOL, not bad huh as first timer :p And it was delicious, no kidding! Thanks to chef for cooking the ingredients so yummy!


And here are what we mostly did during the event, LOL. Busy busy busy bloggers HAHAHAA

it was my lunch, but I don't know the name, but I can tell it was delicious, OMG!

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