Malioboro Street

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I'm back from my long holidays! Hahah. This is gonna be my very first post in 2017. But ain't gonna write any resolution at all, because well, I'd rather to continue being better each day, accomplishing new things every week, getting more time discipline and training parkour harder than write down something I wish I'd do for the whole year, which clearly I won't do. Simply because I don't have the guts to face my failures while reading it back then. So, avoiding the feeling is the only right way.

About this entry, few days ago I went to see the newly build of Malioboro Street in the Yogyakarta city. It's been done few months ago, actually. Before becoming pedestrian heaven like this, the street used as parking lot. It's such a waste, I know. But now, people are parking their vehicle in the top of the street (another new building), and the pavement has been decorated with cute chairs and clean spots. Heaven for bloggers too! HAHAHAA. So while I was there, of course mandatory photos required. And dressing up as a local tourist won't hurt anybody. Ehh, speaking of my outfit, the perks of being the only girl in the sibling is, I can steal my brothers clothes, but they can't steal mine. LOL. And in today's outfit case is, I get the jacket from my older brother. A bit of asking annoyingly until he gave up the jacket, though. The battle is a real deal. LOL. So what do you think about the whole look? Have a great year ahead, you guys!


shirt - Krusunk Celk
jacket - Zara Men
shoes - Reebok

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  1. perfect shoes dear! :) and the whole outfit is nice

  2. Fantastic look:) I like the jeans:)

  3. Pretty casual outfit for the day and it seemingly suits you for a place like that. The simplicity of the outfit is adding more charm and beauty to it.


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