Winds Happen

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The weather is pretty gloomy for the past few days. It's always rainy and windy and chilly for sure. Ain't complaining though, because I can dive in my winter closet and bundle myself like a sandwich. HAHAHAA. But when I got this shoot, the Sun came up a little bit, for about ten minutes, and BAMMM, little rains poured my location HAHAA. So we definitely worked real quick and saved ourselves for getting wet. During the ten-minutes-of-Sun, unfortunately, the wind felt like battling me up. Guess it hates me. LOL. It kept playing and swinging my hair. Thus explains the uncontrolled hair on the pictures. Well, talking about easy perks of being blogger, huh XD

Because the Sun came a bit, I chose to wear my thin yet long outwear from Chic Me. Paired it up with earthy tone and denim skirt to make the outwear point of view. And to avoid being so plaid, I insisted to add stoney green necklace (a gift from sissy, Penta. Thank you pooo!). What do you think about my whole look? Please ignore my hair XD


top - ROWLs
denim skirt - AKO
necklace - a gift
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. Great outfit:) Nice shoes and cardigan:)

  2. Very stylish outfit! Stunning sandals!
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