Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy holidays, everyone!
So glad finally I wrote something here, after, yeah long time! LOL. Holidays mean off day, so I can a bit chill out and enjoy my evening cup of chocolate. Sluurp! That's what holiday is about.. good foods and no workout! XD

So, how's the weather around you nowadays? I'm so so SO jealous for those who has snowy weather at this time of the year. I wish I had one. The best I can get is stormy rains and 20' C breeze. Is that cold enough? XD But my love for sweater weather is no dead. As you guys probably familiar with, I always love cold weather and enjoy it bit too much. So yeah, sweater is an essential to my wardrobe. And this time, I wore the ultra comfy sweater from Chic Me. I'm deeply in love with the low-cut neckline. It accents my neck and heck it gives the sexy vibe without even showing my cleavage. Totally genius! What's more I love about Chic Me? The shipping is so fast! I expected to get my item in a month, but NO, it arrived right to my door in just a week after I place the order. Uberly satisfied with their service! ;D So, what do you think about my look? =)


Legging - ROMWE
Shoes - Forever 21

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