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Sunday, June 26, 2016

One fine day in the city. The Sun shined warmly enough to wake me up and started walking around in the quiet morning that day. Nothing beats the fully support peaceful mind environment when you live in the busy city. Well, living in Yogyakarta/Jogjakarta is not easy as it used to these days, at least for me. As the popularity of the city is higher, the amount of people who want to live here is increasing. And you may as well know, it will also impacted on the environment habitual. Well, I'm not complaining here, since I also just moved here like seven or eight years ago, and enjoying everything this city offers to until now. But had these pavement to walk and enjoy the warm Sun is such a privilege nowadays. Especially when I was able to walk in heels. LOL. Played a bit touristy in the home city was not bad at all, in other hand, it will refreshed your mind just like you traveled around! Yeeepps, cheapest way when you have no money but in crave of travel. LOL.

I chose to wear simplest outfit, black sweater and jeans, just like appropriate travel outfit, and added hat plus my savior heels to walk in hours, made my whole outfit effortlessly chic. Don't you think so? I mean, come on, this combo never fails to give "effortless" look, plus so comfy to wear around. Win win solution for people-always-need-to-look-good-even-in-travel-mode. So what do you think? :)


sweater - Details (in man size)
hat & heels - Forever 21

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  1. You look so classy. Love the hat! kisses

  2. i love these wonderful photos,and they are so cool

  3. Cool look! Have a nice day)


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