Yellow Boldness

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I haven't thought that adding yellow color to this outfit would turn it into strong unstoppable yellow, until I saw the result. What was I thinking?! I guess I should have chose brown or another earthy colors instead; well maybe next time :p I just thought that it's been a while since I abandoned my pineapple bag, so practically, it was my main outfit, and the rests are additional, LOL. Then I thought about giving a test drive to my newest batik skirt which I found few days ago while accompanying friends of mine shopping. At first I felt buying it was a mistake because it didn't fit me right, but still I insisted myself  to buy which luckily I did, because I love it now (especially after I saw these bunch of photos and show the skirt is totally fit me right!)! And yellow is always be my happy color, so I have no regret having this outfit in yellow boldness. Lesson learned, shopping is always right, even when you feel it wrong. LOL.


cardigan - ROMWE
skirt - Mirota Batik
bag - Adorable Project
wedges - The Little Things She Needs

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  1. I like your cardigan and skirt:) Great outfit:)

  2. i love your skirt ! so cute1

  3. super cute look :) xo


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