Friday, November 20, 2015

- Doesn't it feel weird, when you thought you know someone really well, spend much time together, but turns out you didn't know them at all?
Maybe people don't wanna hurt others feeling by telling the truth; but telling the truth is always appreciated.

- Doesn't it feel weird, when you thought you are special for someone, but none of their action show how special you are?
Maybe, you are not special in the way you see yourself special in their eyes.

- Doesn't it feel weird, when you thought you love someone really much, but turns out you had the guts to cheat on them?
Maybe deep down, she/he knows that she/he has no future with him/her.

- Doesn't it feel weird, when you thought life is going really well according to your plan, but turns out it suddenly messed up?
Maybe people don't do enough good seeds. That's God's way to reminds us.

- Doesn't it feel weird, when you thought your parents are gonna be with you forever, but turns out they could get sick and worse?
Maybe it's the only way, to wake us up to take a good care of parents and have time for them.

All the bad things are real, and just like two sides of coin, all bad things happens as in equal amounts as good things. That's how life works. You get karma in every single act you've done, they said. No complaining, just some random thoughts in the evening, x!

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  1. Super cute and comfy look. I really love the sweater. xx

  2. You looking so cute dear !! nice post !!
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  3. You look amazing
    Fabulous outfit

    Love Vikee

  4. Nice look!

  5. Beautiful thoughts and great look on you! xo

  6. Hmm, I somehow feel like more positive things happen in my life compared to negative things. But maybe its also how I look at things - like when my boyfriend quit me seven years ago it was maybe a bad thing at the time but now I think its a good thing because otherwise I would not have met my hsband :)
    You look super cute as always!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment and have a great start in the new week dear : )

  7. nice casual look. u look cute
    Have a lovely week
    Stay in touch

    P.s New post in my blog


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